Neeras ki Shri Durga Upasana is the best option available for anyone looking for Durga Saptashati Path in Hindi.  Durga Upasana is the most exact hindi translation Sanskrit version of Durga Saptashati which outdo any other available book on the topic.

This is the second edition and it is the way improved version of the first edition of the book.  Dr. Murari Lal Sharma has included all the missing sections from the first edition and publisher has included 10 beautiful coloured posters of all Nine forms of Maa Durga which can be framed.  This hindi poetic version of Saptashati or “Devi Mahatamaya” also include a complete Durga Chalisa along with complete Arti Sangrah and Puja Vidhi for Durga Upasana.

Sanskrit Path of Durga Saptashati includes mantras which are known to have supernatural powers to empower the ones who chant these mantras with all the good things, wealth, prosperity and health.  This path of Durga Saptashati in Hindi is also encompass the same value of these mantras as all the verses has been crafted based on the phonetic powers of mantras and are way easy to recite, which is not possible for most of the Hindi knowing people today with Sanskrit.

Conversion of sanskrit verses in easy to recite hindi verses has made Saptashati Path in Hindi more meaningful and useful for everybody.  Any devotee doing puja with Durga Upasana during Navratras can read it easily everyday without feeling any strain or loosing interest in reading Sanskrit or Hindi text.


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